The Spiritual Business Course

for the female entrepreneur craving to return home to the feminine powerhouse she is called to be & create the foundation for receiving everything she desires.

  • Desires to radically love everything you are - the too much, the "not enough" and everything in between?
  • Is willing to heal the parts of you that you have resisted and denied, so that can choose to live FREE, open and abundant?
  • Wants to be fully seen, heard and known for the light and impact you bring to the world?
  • Has a message and a mission inside that feels so much bigger than you, but you're ready to be a channel for it anyway?
  • Is ready to drop the struggle bus, rise up, speak your truth and live in total alignment?
  • Gets to decide that you're  worthy of and supported in receiving everything you desire?
  • Gets to BECOME the woman who lives inside of the abundant life and business she's craving?
  • Is ready to receive experiences, relationships, business, money that blow your mind because of WHO this woman is?


Then you are right where you are where you need to be, babe.

I know exactly what it feels like to longingly want to feel courageous enough to own all of who I was and BE the woman who is in love with herself, her work and her life. I also know what it feels like to ride the struggle bus and not understand what it would take for me to become this confident, feminine powerhouse. The woman who would no longer settle for less than she deserved and who was open to receiving all that she desired.

Being a spiritual business woman means you are a magical, intricate human being.

Here's the secret.....It doesn't have to feel hard. The struggle is not required to receive your desires. And you don't have to do more or learn the latest strategy. I know a better way. 

I rode the struggle bus.

I tried the masculine hustle mode to get what I thought I wanted.

I looked outside of myself for happiness, love, joy, success and money.

I looked at other women and wondered what they had that I did not.

I felt less than and too much all at the same time. I was not taught to understand all the parts of me.

I jumped into womanhood fast and furious.

I let limits, shadows and old identities live behind a closed door and creep up every time I tried to really shine as ME.

I had the scarcity mindset and the fear of money.

The lack of laughter, joy and pure gratitude that I craved but didn’t fully let myself experience.


I thought abundance was a number and I would find myself on the other side of some elusive number - happy, free to be ME

INSERT the other little voice in your head that is quietly crying out to you saying you’re made for more. She says you are innately worthy of the abundant life you are craving. That laughter, joy, bliss, gratitude, experiences and money are available to you right now. <<—She’s right!

Let it hit you - YOU are HER. You choose to no longer be available for less than you deserve. You’re not settling anymore for being anyone other than the magical feminine powerhouse of a beautiful soul that you were created to be.

See, when I realized it was all about WHO I was being and had virtually nothing to do with WHAT I was doing. That is when everything began to shift for me!

When I finally discovered the true power of inner work. Of femininity. Of radical self love. Of my energy  (and TRUE alignment!) Of self worth and of giving myself permission to own all of me. My life, my marriage, my business experienced a complete ascension.

  • I am the woman who manifests amazing experiences and opportunities.
  • I fucking love myself. Like unconditionally.
  • I began making more money that ever before (regular 5 figure months!)
  • I see and embody my worth - from the inside out. The way it was always intended to be!

I have given myself permission to do my souls work- and built a thriving coaching business teaching women how to get into alignment, MANIFEST their desires and BECOME the woman who gets to have the passionate & abundant life and business.


You ready?


In this chapter, we focus on honoring and embracing both the shadow AND the light.  The "too much or the not enough"- beautiful girl you need to own allll of it to be whole! Here we decondition old beliefs and identities and transmute your energy to serve YOU, your business & those you serve! 


This is redefining YOU. Who you are, what you value, how you see yourself and most importantly how you LOVE yourself! We are going to journey through loving yourself inside AND out! Radical self love is synonymous with worthiness and Discipline breeds freedom.


The power of rising from within as the feminine being you were created to be. The truth about feminine energy and divine masculine energy, how to harness THE energy of receiving for you in all aspects- life, love, business and money. ( A powerful approach to manifesting)


This is where we will shift your mindset around abundance and money.  We dig in, uproot and create new beliefs that support you manifesting massive abundance through subconscious reprogramming and energy work AND hypnosis! 

We're just getting started. This movement. This is creating a ripple affect of awakening in women everywhere.  
And it started here -  I coined the term Soul Naked and it evolved into this beautiful program. It Is everything my clients & I have done to go from settling to lit up and turned on in life and business.
I let this program piece together from a place of pleasure and not pressure. That is the energy I wanted in this container- that is the energy I CHOOSE to work from and love you in!
Every woman has that within them and I can not wait to unleash your feminine powerhouse from the inside out. 
Peeling back the layers to own & radically love ALL of YOU, so you can BE the woman who lives lit up and turned on to alignment & abundance. This is YOUR way! 

I thank the Universe and my higher self everyday for giving me the luxury of challenging myself to get SOUL NAKED and live in the energy of my most authentic, abundant woman.

I can not wait to take you on this journey with all the other beautiful women in this container.




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