About Erin

Hey there soul sister!

I'm Erin Nicole Call! 

I am so excited that you felt inclined to want to know more about me ;) I'm going to tell you all the things- but, first off, I want to welcome you to my world! 


I am a soul success and empowerment coach for ambitious, passionate women! I help you get aligned with your souls desires and empower you to do the inner worked required to find the success you are craving. I'm here to help you uproot the limiting beliefs that tell you, you can't have it all (because....YOU DEFF CAN!).  I use a beautiful blend of universal intelligence, spiritual grit, mindset work, business experience and INTUITION and ENERGY to help you channel your NEXT LEVEL woman.  My coaching style focuses on having transformational breakthroughs that have you showing up in your most authentic, energetically abundant self!  Basically, we peel back all the freakin' layers and crack you wide open- so you can shine brighter and have more impact and income!!  Didn't you know you've ALWAYS BEEN this powerful, purposeful, bad ass woman?  So, let’s get you soul naked and doing your most impactful work in the world, babe! 


Yes- thats my "formal, this is me now" and how I can help you live your most incredible fucking life. BUT! Who am I? Where did I come from? And. What did I grow through to get here? I am a firm believer that our stories have shaped us. They have always been happening FOR us- to ultimately guide us to our most Soul Aligned life and work. 

If you're down for a story- some real life- keep reading!

I'm a mama, too! I’ve raised babies (still loving on 'em and raising them into kick ass little humans), owned a brick and mortar biz and also found myself at the top of sales and recruiting in a direct sales brand. Through my journey as a mom, in corporate America and as an entrepreneur, I discovered my true passion in coaching! Like soul aligned, I was put here to do this, even if I won the lottery I would still do this, kind of PASSION. Ironically, or maybe not so ironically, I realized I had been coaching people my entire life. I was alwaysss the one that people at work came to for a fresh perspective and some soul searching. I was always the one that my friends came to for career, relationship and just life advise and coaching. I had this intuition that I never fully appreciated or understood until I became an entrepreneur and surrounded myself with people that got me. It clicked. People that I didn't know would constantly say "you have this energy about you" or "your energy is magnetic" (you'll later see how this weaved its way into my coaching biz;)).

I was born to do this!! I was given my story, and my life and business experience to intentionally cause me to rise the fuck up, so I could pave the way for my clients. I was literally an expert manifester all along, and the universe knew it. My greatest passion is pulling out what is already is already deep inside my clients and watching them go "holy shit---I just had this incredible breakthrough.....". Not only does it create massive shifts in their life and business. But it empowers the fuck out of them, because THEY did that. I was just the catalyst. I was just the one asking the tough questions! 

Gosh, writing that gives me allll the feels. That's soul work!!! 

So, let's really talk....

I became a mom at 16. Three weeks before my 17th birthday I was gifted another beautiful little soul to take care of. Wow, how that shaped me. Let me tell you- all you've been given, experienced and "failed" through- has brought you right here. I know this to be so true- because I have lived it. I graduated a high school a year early, I went on to college and worked full time. I harnessed a shit ton of masculine energy at this time in my life. I was do, do, do because I didn't see another way. I remember saying, the moment I found out I was pregnant, that someday I would empower women.  Underneath all the self conscious, lacking self love, neediness of a girl, I knew there was an empowered women waiting to come out. I just had to peel back the layers to find her. 

Life is always happening FOR you

Fast forward a few years, I was pregnant with baby #2, getting married, buying my first house, in school full time and working full time. Doing "all the things".  All the things, except the self care, and the spending time with my spouse and the passion projects. I was doing all the "supposed to's" to climb to "success".  I think my definition of success was skewed by my experience in the corporate world at that time. By the shininess of climbing the corporate ladder- I, for just a brief moment, forgot what was really possible (like being a magical unicorn of a coach!) Truthfully, it was there that I stepped into leadership, really learned how to train, explored the art of selling, and practiced asking for what I wanted and learned the skill of creating boundaries. I learned the power of my voice, among other things. It was there I was told I could sell a bridge to someone in the desert (stupidest fucking saying ever---but it's pretty true!).  Hence, you never FAIL sister, time is never wasted-> you just learn and grow THROUGH the things. 

Three years at the corporate job and baby #3 on the way, I decided it was my time to find my passion and purpose. I would literally be in tears on my way to work.  There was something about growing my family that allowed me to start being more in tune with WHO I truly wanted to be. And I KNEW deep in my soul that wasn't going to be found in a cubicle or with the next promotion. I made a plan to quit that job three months down the road. That three months felt like a damn lifetime. I was back in school full time, working 4 Eleven hour days and pregnant with two babies at home. I was exhausted, and yet so excited for what was to come. I couldn't even fathom the adventure I was about to go on, but deep down I knew it was going to be fucking amazing! Because I would make it so! 

Everyday life is a journey. The journey itself is HOME

Enter more school, an internship at my 'Dream Job' that I turned down. See my intuition then, even knew,--- "Girl you're made for so much more"! 

So entrepreneurship found me or I found it---we found each other. I opened a luxury mobile spray tan service turned spray tan studio. At the time I had a ten month old, a 4 year old and a 6 year old. What the fuck was I thinking? I was thinking I can do damn near anything- let's go. This is where I started (key word started) to learn to ask for help. I really found myself in entrepreneurship- discovered what I was made of. Taught myself skills that I had no idea I needed to learn. And learned how screwed I would be if I didn't start working on my mind  (because it needed some work, sister!). And to be honest- I was just trying things at that point. I was not put on this earth to be a beauty professional- but you know what-- it paved the way to my ultimate path and I now can see that. There was probably a more direct path, but it wasn't MY PATH.

Insert a cross country move for my husbands job, I contemplated keeping my spray tan studio and hiring a team to run it or just close the doors. I didn't know then what I know now and I certainly hadn't yet built the true true belief in myself. I closed the doors to my spray tan studio. I had just found network marketing, around the same time, and got excited by the possibility of freedom and of not being tied to another brick and mortar biz. So that was the route I desired to pursue as we embarked on our cross country move.

Over the next two years I found myself delving into personal development and personal growth work. Attending professional seminars (Tony Robbins being my faveeee- Yes I walked on fire. I Danced with people I did not know. I Soul connected with strangers and walked through LA at night by myself, to find my car that I parked god knows where. Yes I rode in a golf cart with the concierge at the hotel, while FaceTiming my husband and trying to aimlessly find the car that again was parked in east bum fuck.) You'll learn to love this part of me! I have stories upon stories that will make you say wtf girl you're crazy---nope I just have this intuitive sense that leads me exactly where I need to be! And I enjoy every. single. ride!! 

So, I found myself at the top of recruiting and sales in my direct sales company. 2 consecutive years in a row. People in business, women in different companies would come to me for advise. I knew that was my truest passion. That what I most loved were the transformations I helped people experience. What I most craved was speaking life into women. It was helping them uncover who they were, beneath all the mind fucks and limiting beliefs. I loved helping them see things differently and rise up into who they knew they were meant to be. I decided to take that spiritual mindset work and business experience, and carry it over into my very own coaching brand, so I could help women.  The beautiful thing I realized, as my coaching practice took off, was that I could help these women condense timelines. What took me four and a half years to discover and learn, was something I could pull out of women in a few months!  I have a gift, intuition and energy that I choose to pour into ambitious, passionate women who crave it! 

My strongest belief is that.....You’re badass, beautiful and worthy at your core. You have a purpose that only you can fulfill. And abundance is your birth right Your business allows you to do your souls work in the world and I can’t wait to watch you do that at a whole new level!!

I love you! 

Thank you for reading ALLL of this. Or, if you skipped to the end....I get you babe it's all good;) Let's connect in my Facebook Community for SpiritualCEO's !

Cheers to love, peace and soul success babe! 





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