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The best collaborations create more than the sum of what each person can create on their own.


The Uplifting Podcast with Randie Lee- UnFuck your mind to Unlock your next level self

Rise By Design Podcast with Elisa Canali- How to get Soul Naked

The High Vibe Boss Babe with Jen Donovan-Leveling up in Life and Business (and Motherhood)

She with Shannon the Podcast- Masculine & Feminine Energy, Moving through Fear

Living By Design with Devoney Taylor- Embodying the Highest Version of Self

The Proffitt Podcast- Mindset and Manifestation

Woke AF with Maximilian Webster- Letting Go of the Past & Trusting your soul

The Hot Mama Movement- Moms refusing to settle, How you can stop settling too!

Video Training Collaborations- 

The Savvy Blondes- Tackle Side Hustles, Business, and Branding

The Savvy Blondes- Discovering your Brand and Starting a Business Part 2

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