You and the Universe; How Manifestation Really Works

Manifestation: A process of co creation that we are ALL always knee deep in-- but how do we INTENTIONALLY create the results, experiences, opportunities and desires in our life and business?

You AND the Universe. How my clients and I actually create the results we want.....

Here is the thing.....You aren't. nor were you ever or will you ever be doing this alone my friends!

Its always been me and the Big U! (insert God, source, whatever you believe!)

When I was 17 having a baby going to college & working full time- I was guided. supported & many things I did not yet fully understand were reflected Back to me (thanks BIG U!)

When I quit my job and decided to fully show up for MY LIFE- The Big U was the wind in my sails.

Ever since I started building businesses & raising babies- it has always been me first, universe second- showing up to match my vibration!

Every launch. Every investment. Each soul aligned client I’ve been blessed with, I never knew how.

When I...
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