This is 30.....30 life lessons from my first 30 years of learning to be an epic human being....

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2020

Hey Sister-


I'll go on and be all cliche here- by giving you 30 lessons I've been blessed to learn, as I've been navigating this human experience thing since 1990.

I'm always learning and growing, I have a belief that our natural state of being is expansion and that fundamentally drives me, The Soul Naked CEO mission and everything I BE and DO ;)

I've manifested some epic life experiences, some challenging ones and some really cool shit in my first 30 years around the sun.

I've raised 3 tiny humans into kick ass little people- 6, 10 and 13. You do the math! 

Ive built a thriving, soul aligned business helping women step into their feminine powerhouse-"ness" and manifest their dreams! 

I have a really amazing husband, incredible friends, high vibe soul sisters and bad ass  mentors. 

I have the house and backyard that I literally manifested to a T.

I give back to the world through my bomb podcast- where collaboration is key! Listen HERE. My free facebook community, free content on the gram and my courses and video bundles! 

And I'm so excited for 30's to be the best decade, the most fulfilling of my life and the one where I make an even greater impact on women and the world! 


LET's get to it......30 bite size lessons that changed my life

  • There is always so much to be grateful for
  • Freedom is a mother-fucking FEELING
  • When you're desiring something, but you're so focused on running from what you don't want-- it kills the journey. Time to heal, shift and reframe.
  • Love is not conditional
  • Success if not conditional- you get to define it, choose it and create it no matter where you are
  • You're always exactly where youre meant to be
  • Your pain, challenges and obstacles have made you who you are- transmute them into medicine for the world and they will have served their powerful purpose 
  • Presence can sometimes feel hard AF, but it is alway the answer to uncovering everything you've ever desired. Limitless possibilities exist n every moment- all we have is a compilation of NOWs.
  • When you can hold space for, and be, a catalyst to someone elses transformation it is the greatest feeling in the world
  • We're all a little scared of our own power (me too still)- the opportunity is learning to embrace IT and the Fear.
  • You're natural state of being is expansion- keep going always.
  • You don't need a comeback story- things continuing to always get better is safe AF
  • You're chasing a feeling, not a thing and you can access the feeling in any moment- therefore what you get to be and have is limitless
  • I am a hippy at heart- being barefoot and naked is life ( separate or simultaneously lol)
  • I am worthy (YOU are worthy) we were all divinely created!
  • Connection over competition- we all rise together ! Celebrating other women is a game changer
  • Chipotle sofritas is life. ;) ( for good measure- food is important lol)Yu
  • I can be -powerful AF standing in my femininity (being overly in your masculine isnt required to be a leader by any stretch of the imagination!)
  • STruggle and force isn't required for success- and it is not a badge of honor.
  • Yoga is life changing- it heals my mind, body and soul.
  • Happiness is a daily CHOICE.
  • Awareness is the catalyst that heals- desiring to deeply know and understand yourself is the key to clearing space for the life and business you want.
  • Your past doesn't define you- the universe works on energetic vibration not opinion! Let it go and decide who you get to BE now! 
  • Shaming and shit talking yourself to change is a recipe for self imprisonment. Radical self love is far more courageous of you.
  • IT was always going to happen. The worry and the over analyzing is the only thing that makes the journey ''harder''.
  • Fanny packs and belt bags are the way to go (30 vibessss) 
  • Circumstances dont dictate thoughts, feelings or actions- WE do!
  • You always have an option- resourcefulness is such a powerful attribute!
  • Projection responsibility or blame onto someone else- is you not owning your power- being able to reflect back to self gives you the opportunity to reclaim that power!

Which one hits you the most? Are you in the process of always squeezing every lesson out of each situation? Have a lesson to add- I would love to hear it, share with us! 

I have an entire podcast episode on these lessons and have elaborated on how they have changed my life, my business and the way I show up for myself and the people in my life. Listen to that episode HERE.

I would love to connect with you- make sure you find me on instagram and say hey! Feel free to send this blog to anyone you think may benefit from it! I love to spread the love! 

Big Love xx








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