You and the Universe; How Manifestation Really Works

Manifestation: A process of co creation that we are ALL always knee deep in-- but how do we INTENTIONALLY create the results, experiences, opportunities and desires in our life and business?

You AND the Universe. How my clients and I actually create the results we want.....⁣

Here is the thing.....You aren't. nor were you ever or will you ever be doing this alone my friends! ⁣

Its always been me and the Big U! (insert God, source, whatever you believe!) ⁣

When I was 17 having a baby going to college & working full time- I was guided. supported & many things I did not yet fully understand were reflected Back to me (thanks BIG U!)⁣

When I quit my job and decided to fully show up for MY LIFE- The Big U was the wind in my sails.⁣

Ever since I started building businesses & raising babies- it has always been me first, universe second- showing up to match my vibration! ⁣

Every launch. Every investment. Each soul aligned client I’ve been blessed with, I never knew how. ⁣

When I started making my first $500 online doing something I loved- when I created my first figure months online- its all the same....I had to navigate MY roll and surrender the rest to the Big U. ⁣

We confuse how this works so often! What is required of you is not always what you think- ITS SIMPLE but it is not always "easy". ⁣

You will always be supported, guided and led as a bi product of WHO you BE (mind, body, soul aka Thoughts, vibrations and desires!)⁣

Let me break it down for you.....⁣
Your JOB
The What: Giving yourself full permission to envision, dream and decide what you actually want ( I teach it like this- PPPP....Permission, Perspective, Purpose and Pleasure.... Full Blown, Vib-ey AF and transformative teaching on this in Abundance Activation Academy- my signature program)
The Who: Who is the version of me that has this? What does she believe, think, feel, do?
The Why: Why do you want this- there is a reason you desire this- make sure this is because YOU really want it, not because it is what you "Should" want. What is the selfish reason you want this (fOr you) and what is the greater impact (non-selfish reason- how its going to impact on a bigger scale<-- this isn't required, you can want it because you want it, but an emotional charge is HUGE for mission driven women- we FEEEEL things big time!)
Trusting yourself- Listen within! Lean into WHO you are, what your being told inside, your intuition- trust that you can not mess this up- its your job to desire- to elevate, to want something that makes no logical sense to others- but it is just on your heart! Trusting that is RIGHT for you- is the key to unlocking your radiance, your dream life! 
Your belief: When you want it, your #1 job is to believe that it is possible, no not possible--inevitable for you! And to clear anything in your mind that tells you differently! 
Your energy: Then your job is to FEEL it. When you believe it, feeling it becomes an obvious bi-product-- what does it FEEL when you imagine already having the thing you want. Play in that energy and feeling as often as possible!!
Undeniable faith & your inspired action: When it Makes no sense, you believe anyway. When it feels like a stretch, you believe. When others doubt you, who cares- YOU hold the faith anyway. This is YOUR responsibility and the greatest privilege you have in this life time- to CHOOSE to have faith that it always gets to keep gettin better and what you want, wants you! And DO your part- do the next thing that you know to do- and watch how the BIG U shows up to deliver you people, opportunities and experiences to act on! 


The When, Where and HOW: When you create the belief and the energetic vibration that is in Line with what you want, the universe HAS to reflect back to you the when, the where and the how...step by step....person by person....opportunity....guiding you to IT! This is not your job- EXPECT to be GUIDED! YOU WILL BE- no other way! 
The details and the outcome- When you put the BIG U in a choke hold by trying to figure out exactly how, every detail and exactly the outcome- you dont create space for miracles- for magic- its like putting the universe in a choke hold. Let life surprise you and blow your mind- and it will continue to do so. Image this- the Big picture is your vision to create- the BIG U (God, whomever) fills in the gaps! 
Matching your belief and energy by anchoring its counterpart into your physical reality- Let the universe match back to you exactly what you put out. The law of attraction says that like attracts like- and while there are 11 other laws of the universe- this is fundamentally the truth....If mind (belief), body (energy), and soul (desire/vision) align- this will be reflected back to you in physical form.
This is or something better- Its coming- not always in the way you expect- TRUST that the UNIVERSE can only bring you this or something better. For ex: I wanted to buy a Tony Robbins ticket a few years back- the level I wanted was sold out online. I expected to purchase through my rep via the availability of tickets- but the universe had something better- 4 days before the event I receive a call that a lady was selling her ticket AND it was $100 less than the online price- Obviously I said yes thank you more

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I did a video more in depth on this, with real life Client examples- watch it HERE!


Tell me- what is the one thing you're going to give up to the Universe today??

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