It takes a decision.

A DECLARATION to yourself, to say; 
" I am no longer available for less than I deserve...

I refuse to see myself separate from abundance. My desires are mine for a reason and I will choose to own that "

You're ready to live within your abundant story,  you're completely done thinking this is *outside* of you.  

The Worthy Woman thinks differently - she asks herself the right questions! And she knows she doesn't have to DO more, she's ready to just BE more of herself!

No more tiptoeing around, she knows she deserves to claim what's hers. TO GIVE HERSELF PERMISSION TO BE BOLD. Claim who she is, what she is here for and what she gets to receive- letting her energy do the heavy lifting. This is when all the abundance is ignited within her!! 

You have always been and will always be Worthy AF, I'm here to teach you how to see and embrace this! 

* Is ready to reframe how she sees money, so that she can begin operating from her own empowered paradigms (not the way others have shown you!)*

* Is done fighting for her limitations and is ready to see herself as the woman worthy of more*

* Is being called to drop the excuses, the struggle bus mentality and flip her energy, while celebrating every moment (aka experiential living!)

*Is open to understanding her mind and her energy, so she can shift into an abundant state on demand*

* Is ready to embrace her inner receiving queen and master the art of giving and receiving simultaneously*

Video Trainings include:

Bonus 1:

* Worthy AF e-book *

Bonus 2:

* Manifestation Meditation *

Bonus 3:

* Manifestation Journalling Training *

Bonus 4:

* 5 Money Mind F*cks Flipped*


" When I invested in the Worthy AF program I got SO MUCH MORE! Erin's energy creates the space for huge transformation. She is very direct and will trigger you in the best possible way. During the program, I manifested so many miracles from signing 2 new one on one coaching clients to 2 large sum checks I was not expecting but needed. I got so much from this program and from Erin altogether. "

Life Coach

" Worthy AF was a game changer for me. Did I feel like I was worthy AF already? Yes! But I was completely out of alignment. Erin helped me push myself to realize more of my own potential. I set what a tiny part of me felt was an unachievable goal of earning 10k that month and stay aligned and focused all month, surprising myself at the end when I had achieved my goal. The following month exceeding it. Even more importantly, feeling like my best self. Everyone around me, recognizing and feeling my energy. You can unlock more potential in you and Erin's coaching is literally the key. "

Lauren M.

"Not only did I get insights into manifestation and a new powerful way of thinking, but I also got to work and transform my money mindset. It was my first encounter with [intentional] manifestation and those weeks I manifested my first 5k month, a luxury hotel stay for the whole family, and a holiday for just me and my man!"

Eileen Y.
Brand Story Teller & Empowerment Coach

Here's what I know for sure.....

Abundance. Abundance is a mindset. 

Feeling worthy AF exudes an energetic frequency that says to the universe- ' I know what I bring to the table'. And the universe goes- F yes let's co create magic- here's more! 

You don't get to say I will FEEL abundant when the universe drops more money in my bank account. 


I will feel wealthy once I have the tangible evidence.

I will feel worthy as a result of more money, more success (that is ass backwards girlfriend!) You're worthy. Because you are. 

You gotta do the work to see and know yourself, to remove the old limits and conditions that are telling you otherwise. 

It's rewriting the story. it's the faith. Then the action compounded on top of the faith. 

It's time to get behind your shit.

The mindset of abundance says that I am in the drivers seat, I am grateful AF for where I am and what I have and I know everything is working FOR me. 

I learn in every situation, I am supported in every situation, I take one step and I continue to be led as I move. I am a channel for the flow of abundance and there is no other way.

I mean....even when it looks like it isn't going to happen.....

Which, does in fact happen, OFTEN! 

When it doesn't look like it's going to happen, but you feel it in your soul and believe with utter faith and confidence that it's yours- then it will of course still happen. It'll be this or something more divine. 

When it doesn't appear to be happening, this is where you're called to sink deeper into BEing and knowing that what you deeply desire STILL get's to be for you. To look at what is in between you and what you desire and to heal it, shift it and reprogram it. And then continue....

You simply can NOT let your physical reality rock your faith and consume your energy- Vibration Precedes Manifestation. Decide, Hold the faith, take the inspired action, surrender, receive....[and continue to hold the faith]. 


 I can't wait to see you inside this video bundle! These were recorded live during a group program and this is the first time you will ever be able to purchase, binge on them and keep them forever!! The energy in here is palpable. They include concepts from the foundation of abundance, worthiness, mindset reprogramming to shifting generational paradigms around money and what you get to have. We dive into releasing the struggle bus, reprogramming the "mis aligned" idea that you are more worthy the more harder you force, the more you struggle. This is NOT how it has to be. We dive into releasing to receive, learning to trust yourself and creating energetic space for what you want!



With the Bundle you receive

*Three Training Videos*

*Video 1-Redefining Abundance and Reprogramming old beliefs around money & abundance*

*Video 2- Dropping the Struggle Bus mentality and reprogramming worthiness*

*Video 3-The energy of abundance- learning to trust your desires and create energetic space for what you want to manifest*

*3 Journals- 1 for each training video*

*Bonus Video- Manifestation Journaling/Scripting*

*Worthy Woman E book*

*21 Wallpaper Affirmations (for phone!)*

*Manifestation Meditation*


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