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Hey Babe! Welcome to Soul Naked CEO.

 I am so stoked we’ve crossed paths and I want to welcome you to the world of The Soul Naked CEO. I’m Erin Call, badass mompreneur, spiritual woman, energy queen and your mentor to manifesting the life and business of your dreams.
I created Soul Naked CEO to bring together spirited women with a vision, who are ready to activate their next level.by….yes...getting Soul Naked.  So, what is Soul Naked? It's peeling back the layers masking the true authentic you, speaking your truth more boldly, stepping into complete alignment with who your soul is calling you to be and becoming completely Magnetic because of it. 
The Soul Naked CEO is a woman willing to dig in, eradicate the limiting beliefs, be radically honest about her biggest, boldest, “unrealistic” desires and master the energy of her highest self. We are visionaries, world changers, transformation catalysts and master manifesters
Join us on your journey to getting Soul Naked, where I combine a beautiful blend of universal intelligence, spiritual grit, mindset work, business experience and INTUITION and ENERGY to help you channel your NEXT LEVEL woman.
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SOUL SUCCESS; Intentionally aligning with your truth and purposefully cultivating yourself and your life by design.

"After having done 1:1 coaching with Erin, I knew I had to then join Soul Naked The Experience. With just 3 months of working with Erin so much has changed. I nearly tripled my income. I elevated into the leader I always knew I could be and am now serving more women then I ever had...... I have never felt this comfortable working with a coach before. "

Ashley B.
Transformational Coach & 1:1 Client

Soul Naked CEO Community

Let's connect in my online community where you'll join other ambitious, spiritual women in mastering your energy and stepping into your power and purpose! I provide amazing FREE coaching content and connection in this beautiful, energetic container for your growth! Can't wait to connect on the inside, babe!

Private 1:1 Coaching

I hold space for you that is individualized to your vision & goals. I bring my universal intelligence, mindset strategy and knowledge on business, to meet you where you’re at. This is a completely customized container for massive breakthroughs & the evolution into the woman who attracts all the abundance into her life and business!

Group coaching program

This is a sacred space for owning your truth, stepping into your power& purpose, and really uncovering and unleashing your magnetic, energetically abundant self! Explore the opportunity to join an intimate group of other ambitious ladies as we rise up together and make massive moves! 

"Worthy AF was a game changer for me. I was completely out of alignment. Erin helped me to realize more of my own potential. I set what a tiny part of me felt was an unachievable goal of earning 10k that month & focused all month, surprising myself at the end when I had achieved my goal. The following month exceeding it...You can unlock more potential in you and Erin’s coaching is literally the key."

Lauren M.
Worthy AF Reprogramming Student

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"Worthy AF was such a game changer for me! Not only did I get insights into manifestation and a new, powerful way of thinking, but I also got to really work and transform my money mindset. I had a goal of manifesting my first 5k month & a free holiday–I got the money, AND TWO holidays! The new energy & level of self-worth are what I treasure the most. Best of all, I can go back and revisit and re-do the work whenever I need to."

Eileen Y.
Writer & Empowerment Coach, Group Coaching Client

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